Administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy, Essay, Assignment, Thesis, Dissertation, Final Year Project Writing Help/Guidance/Support Services in Hong Kong up to Phd level @DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導中心

Administered by a DBA with ex-PhD candidacy (Dip CompStudies, Cert TESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, ex-PhD candidate in Language, & DBA), DCWAHK , as of 2021, has 20.5 years of experience in Academic Guidance up to Doctoral level (*Of the 20.5 years, 13.5 of which being in the trade. The predecessor of DCWAHK was a partnership in 2007. DCWAHK opened its door as an individual entity in 2008).

DCWAHK maintains 100% in-house operations in Hong Kong on a realistic scale. DCWAHK has partaken in 1020+ projects of different sizes and areas.

Additionally, DCWAHK is NOT a ' middle-man online sales representative' outsourcing your projects to developing countries/regions. Here, DCWAHK completes all projects 100% IN-HOUSE in Hong Kong. You can always get in touch (either face-to-face or real-time) with in-house staff in charge of your tasks.

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Assisted Learning Support At a Glance (Essay, Assignment, Research Proposal/Protocol, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis, & Literature Review Help/Guidance/Support up to Phd level) @DCWAHK 香港論文指輔導中心

- Major Areas: Business Management, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Project Management, HK Law, Building & Construction, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Psychology, Nursing, Medical, Housing & Facility Management, Linguistics & Translation, IT, and Statistics

- Academic Writing Help/Guidance/Support/Consultation (Essay, Assignment, Research Proposal/Protocol, Thesis, Dissertation, Critical Appraisal, Meta Analysis, & Literature Review)

- Academic Proofreading/ Editing (Overhauls of Academic Writing Logic, Flow, Structure, Clarity, & Fluency in Essay, Thesis, Dissertation, and Assignment)

- SPSS/AMOS/Lisrel/Gpower Quantitative Data Analysis Help/Guidance/Support/Consultation (Structural Equation Modeling, Power Analysis, Six Sigma, Chi-Square, T-Test, Explortary and Factor Analysis, Loglinear, Logistic Regression (Binary, ordinal, and nominal), Interaction, Factorial Analysis, Nonparametric Analysis, Gamma G, Somer's D, Kendall's tau, Spearman's Rho, Crosstab, General Linear Model, ANOVA, MANOVA, MANCOVA, Dummy Coding, Linear Regression with Moderators or Mediators, Man-Whitney, Wilcoxon, Correlation, Adjusted Analysis, Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive, & Negative Predictive, to name an important few)

- Qualitative Data Analysis Help/Guidance/Support/Consultation (Coding, Thematic Analysis, Case Study, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Phenomenology, & Framework Analysis)

- Assistance in Field Data Collections and Observations / Face-to-face Tutorials and Consultations

- Reasonable Prices, Essay/ Proposal / Thesis / Dissertation / Statistics For as low as HKD 500

Why DCWAHK for HongKong-based essay, assignment, thesis, dissertation, final year project writing help/guidance/support services?

  • A company registered in Hong Kong with a valid Hong Kong business certificate, clients are protected under the Hong Kong law
  • Administered by a DBA (DipCompStudies, DipTESOL, BA BIS, MA AppLing, ex-PhD candidate specialized in Language, and DBA), research rigor is emphasized
  • NOT a 'middle-man sales coordinator' claiming many staff / teams are working behind the scenes
  • As a focused company, DCWAHK puts emphasis on quality rather than quantity
  • Reliable in-house research sources (Peer-reviewed ONLY!)
  • Two-way interactive learning, nothing is virtual
  • 100% Made in Hong Kong
  • Genuine, DCWAHK does only what the company specalizes in (HongKong-based essay, thesis, dissertation, assignment writing help/guidance/support services), marketing is not employed to create overstated/unrealistic perceptions
  • Reasonable prices